Early Voting Has Begun.



Vote Out Shannon Hardin

Vote Out Priscilla Tyson

Vote Out Mitchell Brown







M.L.K. Jr. said “#RedistributeThePain”


Redirect Your Money

INVEST: Spend your money at Black-owned businesses in Columbus. Support economic empowerment in the Black community. Find and buy from black businesses. For example,  30+ Black food establishments in Columbus.

DIVEST: Withdraw your money from ‘Big Banks’ in Columbus. Instead, join the #BankBlack movement. Open an account with a Black-owned bank like OneUnited Bank or a local credit union.


Community Demands for Mayor Ginther & City Council

FIRE Officers

Fire all the officers involved in the beating of Timothy Davis and killings of Jaron Thomas and Kareem Ali Nadir Jones.

BAN the ‘Jump Out Boys’

End the ‘Community Safety Initiative’ formerly known as the ‘Summer Safety Initiative’. The community calls the CPD undercover police the “Jump Out Boys”

REVISE Contract w/ the F.O.P.

Negotiate changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City and the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police).

FIRE Chief Jacobs

#FireChiefJacobs for incompetence which includes the deletion of 100,000 dash cam/cruiser videos & the protection of rogue officers.

HIRE Black Officers

Hire Black officers who live in the communities they police. Since the City of Columbus is 30% Black, the CPD should be at least 30% Black. The CPD is only 6% Black.

FIRE Officer Mason

#FireOfficerMason for the killing of Tyre King. 

FIRE Officers Bare

#FireOfficerBare for the killing of Henry Green.

CALL for Independent Investigation

Publicly call for an independent investigation in the case of Jaron Thomas and future incidents of police violence.